Friday, July 02, 2010

Malibu Strings at Haze Nightclub

My favorite bikini company is back in Vegas for the Fourth of July hosting the third annual Malibu Strings party at the Aria Hotel & Casino at the City Center. John and I checked in Friday evening at the Aria and went down to the Union Restaurant & Lounge at the casino level for drinks and appetizers. The tiger shrimp cocktail with the Louis dipping sauce was delicious and we loved the Union Salad (shrimp, green beans, tomatoes, bacon, and vinegar dressing) beautifully presented and the flavor was out of this world!

We then joined everyone in the party at the MS president's sky suite for a cocktail reception and photos before the chain of over 20 girls and their companions walked down to Haze Nightclub. We were ushered in to an area reserved for the women which overlooked the floor of the nightclub. The bottle service was non-stop where five bottles of vodka was present at all times with mixers. Other tables invited the MS ladies to theirs and we raised a glass of champagne for the groups' special occasions.
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John and I had so much fun dancing, it was close to 4 a.m. when we realized we were tired and needed to head for bed. The room was a retreat to go to and had a view other pools under construction at the property. If you have never been to the Aria, the contemporary decor would keep your eyes busy from the floors to the ceilings. With a simple push of the controls on the alarm clock at our beside, the city lights reflecting off the glass window and pool were closed off by the sheet of curtains and all was dark and quiet. Saturday would be another exciting day!


Annejelynn said...

how the heck has your hair grown so long so fast?

Daly said...

I have no idea, LOL. I guess I lost track of time and it's just growing and growing. It's the longest I've had in my life, I think. I need a trim bad but know that I will end up getting it chopped above the shoulders!

Anonymous said...

long hair also fits well on you :)