Monday, July 05, 2010

Liquid Pool

Since John had to work during the holiday break, my friend and I spent the day together at the Liquid Pool. She had never been to this pool and it was a good chance to get some down time before the start of the work week. We spotted a thong lover and befriended her. It is always nice to meet and learn about new people. Her boyfriend would agree and was happy for the photo opportunity with us, LOL. Cheers to new friends if only for a day by the pool!
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Anonymous said...

That thong is going to ruin your tanlines...LoL

Daly said...

You have a good point, LOL. We got there pretty late, around 3 p.m. and so I stayed in the shade most of the time...I don't think I got much sun but will make a mental note to myself for the future. Thank you!

Enrique said...

U gotta luv Malibu Strings! they are the hottest bikinis ever! And of course the models also help big time! Looks like U guys had a blast there! :-) Enrique

Anonymous said...

OMG, you and your friends are awesome. I just came across your site today shopping for a new thong. Im 29y/o and live in SOBE and a bit of a thong addict myself. My favorite MS bikini is a light blue sparkle sheer tiny bottom with an open triangle in the back. There goes the tan line problem. I have close to 50 thong swimsuits (5 from MS) . You and your husband should come down to SOBE some day I think you would really enjoy it.


Daly said...

@Enrique: Thank you :-)
@Lauren: I gotta look for the blue sparkle sheer you speak of--sounds sexy! I think I have a pink one. If you order from MS, use my code LASVEGAS20 at checkout for 20% off your order. Keep rockin' the strings!!

Anonymous said...

omg wow im 13 and what is this