Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cigarettes and Champagne

Our weekend getaway began with low-key dinner at Havana Grill and concluded on the Strip for a Cigarettes and Champagne party.

John worked through the weekend to have extra days off in the week together. When Sunday evening came, we were ready to relax and enjoy the days ahead. Through his co-worker, we learned of a restaurant in Henderson that had the best mojito in town. Sounded like a "must-try" and a nice place for happy hour on our way to our friend's birthday party.
Oh boy...the mini cuban sandwiches, plantain, papas rellenas, chicharrĂ³n, croquetas, tamal, and of course the mojitos were fantastic. We walked out of there stuffed but happy.

Then our friend and two of her girlfriend's 20-hour birthday extravaganza began with a champagne toast at Caramel bar and lounge at Bellagio. We followed the group to The Bank Nightclub where we had a private area at the corner with plenty of room to dance.

Our bottle service was Grey Goose Vodka and Beau Joie (the new luxury champagne retails for $79.99 recently launched in Vegas). The "suit of armor" (metal jacket) helps keep the liquid cooler longer and the bottom provides an improved grip when opening and serving (it also avoids nail breakage). My glass was never empty for very long before it was filled with more champagne. John and I eventually had to turn down another glass (I was told the next day that our group went through over 50 bottles, LOL!!)
Eventually the birthday girl and our friend Whitney arrived in her fabulous flapper outfit!

I was surprised by how packed the nightclub was for a Sunday night. At one point, John and I made our way to the main dance floor down below and could barely move like sardines in a can so eventually we were back at the table.
We didn't know anyone else besides Whitney but all her friends made us feel like part of the family. Before we knew it was way, way late in to the night and so we bid everyone farewell for now. We walked out of the club and in to the quiet casino towards our room comped for us by Whitney.
But who could pass up the Botanical Gardens so we made a quick stop to enjoy the celebration of summer arrangements. Because no one was around (it was nearly 4 a.m.), we had the whole place to ourselves to admire all the sight. It was beautiful!!

Photos from Picasa Web Album.

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