Thursday, June 03, 2010

Weekend in May

Grandma stayed the week from visiting for Mother's Day which gave us the perfect excuse to take her home and leave town. The following weekend, we headed west towards the coast of Corona Del Mar. It may be better known as Newport Beach for which we've nicknamed THE Mercedes Capital. Kid you not, we saw four of them at an intersection, LOL. By the sheer increase in the number of luxury cars around us, we knew we had reached our destination.

After breakfast with Jan and Grandma on Saturday, we made a trip to IKEA to return a frame for my office desk; a kidney bean shaped frosted glass with white legs--I think it's cute.

We stopped for lunch at the Rusty Pelican overlooking the harbor. John had Fish and Chips but the Asian Shrimp Salad with mixed fresh greens, red bell peppers, mango, onions, peanuts, sweet wasabi dressing sounded good to me so that's what I went for. The day was cool from the overcast and slightly breezy but it didn't stop a group of ladies from getting out on the water on a small boat which was very brave of them. I had hope the weather would be nice but it was nice in Vegas, not where we were but we enjoyed lunch somewhere new.

Still there's nothing like spending time with family over a glass of wine and the comfort of eating Grandma's homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. I must have been tired because all I remembered after that was sleeping soundly throughout the night and waking up to sound of birds chirping outside the window. Oh yeah...I'm pretty sure I wasn't dreaming when I beat the ladies in a couple hands of Canasta my first time playing :-) (beginner's luck...and Jan helped me).

The next day, we took a short drive to Laguna Beach and made our first stop at a bike shop (of course, lol). We have been watching the Giro d'Italia and this year has been really exciting and full of surprises. Then it was time to continue on and stretch our legs.
Walking around the shops eventually worked up our appetite so we stopped at the Laguna Beach Hotel for drinks and appetizers in the restaurant within.
As the sun started to set, it was time to head back to JanMa's (our nickname for Jan and Grandma, we made up after I got tongue twisted too many times, LOL). The fabulous cooks were relaxing in the den and we shared our days over drinks and then the delicious dinner they made of grilled salmon, vinaigrette coleslaw, and (yum-yum!) spicy green beans!
Though I was ordered to leave my laptop at work over the weekend, I did sneak in some work but have done a lot better about putting it away before dinner. This time, the PC at the table is Jan's and I brought it back to life after she was ready to throw it out.
We always hate to leave at the end of our trip because we'll miss Grandma and Jan but soon it was time to leave for home. I do have to say, the quality time we shared, however short, was well worth the trip and weather.

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