Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Save Water, Drink Margaritas

It is a desert out here so I agree with the slogan of one of our favorite Mexican restaurant when they say, "Save Water, Drink Margaritas". So that's what we did at La Loma Lindo Michoachan in Henderson. The establishment sits atop a hill and overlooks the Las Vegas Strip. The staff is always so friendly and quick -- we've never had a bad meal or terrible time there. How could we when the margaritas are so good?!
This week was a string of birthdays for the boys in my family, John and my two nephews.
Caleb in Hawaii (May '10)
Kyren after visiting baby Jesus (December '09). Small bald thing not so scary, eh?
Kyren with sister sitting on Santa's lap (December '09). Big bearded man--very scary!!
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