Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rough Ride

I took some time off from work to stay at home and since I didn't have any grand plans thought it would be a good chance to ride with John around the neighborhood. He's lucky he doesn't have to be at his shop until mid-morning so it was a good opportunity for us to hit the road together.

Mentally I was ready for another ride on the road but my legs weren't. I think they were still sore from the weekend. The breeze felt like stronger when we're moving, blowing against me as I pedaled behind him. It was hard for me to keep up this time but by now I am getting use to drafting him and staring at his bum in my face. It's not so bad really. ;-)
Our ride took us across the I-15 towards Southern Highlands. Up to the point where we made a right turn after the freeway, the road was a slight incline. Though I was relieved to be meandering downhill past the beautiful neighborhoods, I knew it would be painful time coming back. There was often a big gap between us but every now and then John would slow down so I can catch up. Oh this was no Sunday ride ... my legs were burning but having him push me was good because I only want to get stronger and faster on the bike.

My favorite part is when we are finally in the home stretch on Highway 146 and I get to scream down the path along St. Rose topping 30 miles per hour. The rush I felt was a mixture of relief and adrenaline because I had ridden almost 15 1/2 miles ... and that's more than I had hoped for.

Tomorrow I will get to spend the day with my mum-in-law for lunch and some shopping.


johnny said...

Great read honey. Thanks for posting. :)

Daly said...

@johnny: I know it may only be a "bike ride" but it is really an adventure for me...someone who sits in a cubicle all day and doesn't move farther than 10 feet on average. Moving miles is a BIG DEAL ;-)!!