Saturday, June 26, 2010

Riding with Rafe

My husband's friend, Rafe, joined us Saturday morning for a ride around the neighborhood. We took a different route than I had before going down Maryland Parkway and a right at Pebble all the way to Starbucks on Green Valley. After some coffee we head down Wigwam to Gibson and up the hill to Horizon Ridge.
Near the last 1/3 leg of our route, I was seriously huffing and puffing. I had warned Rafe that this would be a slow ride and he would be better off putting on his jogging shoes to keep pace with us but I didn't think I was in this bad of a shape. I had ridden along Horizon before but I was struggling a bit to keep up with the guys.
16.95 hours later we were home. We were out for 1 3/4 hours but our total riding time was 1:11:48 and I really enjoyed this route even though the last part worked me a bit. As John put my bike away he noticed that my brakes were rubbing. Rafe thought he had heard it during our ride. No wonder it seems I had to pedal harder than usual, LOL!! Oh will only make me stronger.

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