Friday, June 11, 2010

Ride to the M Casino

For the past year, I have been working so much with very little time to enjoy my hobbies, let alone use my road bike. After celebrating Memorial Day and Johnny's birthday, we needed to get out for some fresh air so early Sunday morning, we got on our bikes and rode to the M Casino.

Riding along the St. Rose freeway towards Las Vegas Boulevard, I felt how out of shape I was as I huffed and puffed to keep up with John. Lucky for me, he was taking it easy because of his injured knee and we were happy to be outside riding together.
When we made it to the M Casino at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard, we turned left towards Gene and rode out for 4 or 5 miles. Up to that point, there was some wind and it made it harder for me to pedal up the slight incline. Still, the breeze was refreshing and kept me cool during the ride.
When we finally turned around, the wind was at our backs and it felt like the earth stood still. There wasn't much traffic around and it was very quiet and peaceful. Heading home was easier because it was all downgrade so we flew home! I think we barely rode 10 miles in about 40 minutes but I have to say 1) it was more than I have done in quite some time and 2) I was just thrilled to be on the road and outside without crashing for once (though I had some close calls, LOL). Still I had fun and looked forward to riding again.
This was our route on

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Johnny said...

I love riding with you. Hopefully my knees continue to get better and we can really start putting in the miles and get you ready for your first race!!! Can't wait to go out again.