Thursday, June 03, 2010


I think the Vegas heat is starting to get to some drivers (this is the first week the temperatures in Vegas will consistently remain above 90°F and break triple digits by the end of the week (I'm excited about that).

In traffic on my way home, the lady behind my car would have rupture a brain aneurysm (if she had one) the way she held up her hands to emphasize something she was shouting but I couldn't hear over the music in my car. I read her mouth with a glimpse in the rear-view mirror and it looked like she was saying, "IT'S HOT!!!" that wasn't it, I think she said, "GO!!!", LOL.

Geez lady, I'm sorry I didn't immediately screech in to a right turn as soon as the traffic I was yielding to had cleared. I stalled the car (something I rarely do) and had to restart it.

Now I feel terrible for wasting her precious two seconds while waiting for me to restart the car. You would think she would just be as thrilled as I am about the beautiful weather we are having but I guess not. Well, if you are a fair-weathered (or short-tempered) person, when driving it would help this time of the year to have A/C...and some patience.

I hope you are having a great summer and have a happy Friday tomorrow!

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