Friday, June 11, 2010


Look at any shoe and the toe box looks like the one pictured below on the left. For a top of the line cycling shoe, the 2010 Specialized S-Works Dual Boa should have put function before fashion (though sometimes it's better to look good than be good).

High performance cycling shoes should put the latter before the former, function before fashion. Not say the Specialized pair aren't good shoes ... but one maker improved upon traditional and designed their footwear shaped like a foot!

I don't know about you but the tips of my feet don't come to a point in the middle. My Flintstone feet would be much more comfortable in the Bont Cycling shoes (pictured on the right). They are also 100% heat moldable and the foot sits in a carbon tub chassis as opposed to a flat sole, so they fit like gloves just like spandex on Cancellara's bottom (HOT!). When all is said and done, form follows function and they still look cool.

My husband is a dealer for Bont Cycling shoes and as soon as I can stop crashing with the shoes I have, he'll get me either a pink or green pair. It's too bad I have to choose but they retail at $400 so (since they are all hand made) maybe I can get a custom one with the colors of my choosing!

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