Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life is Grand

For the longest time we've been telling ourselves that we will visit the Grand Canyon soon but kept putting it off. I guess we took for granted one of the greatest natural wonders of the world because it is in our backyard and we could go whenever since it is only a drive away. This time around I had to take vacation days (because I had reached the max amount I could accrue) and with no excuses left we jumped in the car to visit the geological feature!
Early Thursday morning we started our journey towards Boulder City making a quick stop at the best donut shop in Vegas--Friendly Donut House. Boy oh boy were their pastries YUMMY! They looked so beautiful in the showcase I wanted to try each and every one of them but then we would never make it to the Grand Canyon.
After a beautiful drive, we stopped in Williams (the gateway to the Grand Canyon) for coffee. There is a really cute coffee shop called the American Flyer (probably named after the movie) and they have excellent mochas. We wished we could have explored the historical town along Route 66 but we had an agenda so we didn't stick around long.
Soon we were at the South Rim peering down a canyon over a mile deep ... and not just any canyon folks -- the Grand Canyon!! All the photos I have seen did not prepare me to see the beautiful sight before my eyes. My knees were weak as I crept up to the cliffs and peered down. There is a small, paved pathway along the canyon but NOTHING will stop anyone from walking right over the edge (like John did in this photo) and plunging to their death (and sadly it has happened). But I hope the park stays that way, wide open with no guard rails so anyone can admire mother nature as close as they want their own risk. Can you spot John standing on the cliff on the far right in this photo?
If you click on the photo above to see a larger image, you can spot John sitting on the edge. I took a couple videos a panoramic view while standing at the edge and while walking on the path (don't worry, I zoomed in so it looks like I am closer than I actually was). Due to John's knees, we didn't get to hike and we would have liked to visit other parts of the rim but were on limited time.
In some parts of the rim, very few people will walk to so you can sit quietly, undisturbed and inhale the view. I'm really hanging on to John for dear life because I felt like I would teeter over any second! Eventually we had our picnic and pried ourselves away, back towards the visitor's center. You can really lose track of time there. Compared to the thousand of years it took the Colorado to carve the layers of rocks to form its steep walled canyons, the hours we spent there merely only a blink of time.
We made a quick stop at BedRock City (that place is wild!) on our way back to Williams.
Before our drive home, we sampled a couple pints of refreshing beer from the local brewery. Then we soon were home ... and I can't wait to go back!


TomboCheck said...

Looks like you two had a grand time! If you ever spend time in Williams on a friday or saturday night; that Sultana bar you took a snap of is a fun place. :)

The canyon is definitely worth visiting, especially since you live so close. I'd also recommend visiting the North Rim. It's a longer drive, which keeps a lot of people away and also makes it a LOT quieter! :)

Daly said...

@Tom: I really, really wanted to check out that place, we almost did so it will be a must next time (hopefully this year).

The North Rim is in the plan for our next visit...I heard it is different because of the elevation and the perks you mentioned ;-). Ooh...I can't wait!!!!