Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lake Mead

When I woke up at 2 .m. with terrible stomach cramps and didn't sleep until the early morning of Sunday, I was afraid we would have to bow out on lake time. My torso hurt so bad, I was curled up on the couch and could hardly move...there was no way we could go out on the lake with our friends on this gorgeous, sunny day.

I picked up the phone and called my friend as soon as I could, choking back my disappointment. I had not seen Ryan and Kristen since mid-March and looked forward to catching up with them. They were expecting their first child and I had wanted to hear about the good news and details in person.
As it got closer to the late morning, I started to feel better ... good enough to get up and walk so were were off Lake Mead!

We met our friends at the dock of Callville Bay, a place that is oh so familiar to us. Standing with their Raena (Ryan and Kristen's bullmastiff) was Jameie and her son Teagan who would be joining us for the day. As we rode out on Lake Mead with the wind through our hair, I was at the same time scared to be surrounded by a mass of water and excited to stretch out on little Sandy Beach once again. Soon enough we were there.

Throughout the day John swam with Teagan (who was in the water more than he was out, LOL) while I hung back on the beach and caught up with Kristen. It also was nice getting to know Jameie and her son. It is easy for time to pass and soon it was time to leave the lake. We parted with our friends and with the view of the lake behind us, we drove towards home for some down time before the start of the work week.


Anonymous said...

Looks like your suits are getting a little conservative. No thongs anymore?

Daly said...

This bottom is a tiny bottom triangle back with a tie side. Given the plaid pattern, I thought it showed better on more material rather than get lost in a g-string. The downside is the nasty tan lines I got after that so I'll have to stick with the g-strings!

Anonymous said...

should be hard to switch your bikinis for a perfect tanning :)

Daly said...

@Anonymous: it took me several trips to the pool to than than triangle out. I have to get a string back in this pattern to avoid mixed tan lines the next time. I get too dark too easily!