Saturday, June 12, 2010

International Market

After riding, John had errands to do while I met up with my co-worker Wendy in China Town for dim-sum. We ate until we were stuffed for a mere Andrew Jackson--sweet!
For weeks Wendy and I have been wanting to check out the International Market.They have aisles and aisles of ethnic food. We wandered from row to row and found ourselves in Italy, China, and Germany. You can get a variety of sausages, frozen fish, fresh produce, fresh fish, and grains...the list is endless. It is a like a Costco warehouse! There is even a Food2Go deli with ready to eat dishes but our stomachs were still full from lunch.

Wendy also found a whisk with which she can beat ostrich eggs and I can finally stick to any diet by having only one spoonful, LOL. We spent hours and still didn't see everything so we have another trip planned. Maybe my husband will be able to join us next time since he missed out on all the fun.
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TomboCheck said...

Fun AND food?! That's a winner. :)

Daly said...

@TomboCheck: LOL...I forgot to mention that they have kitchen and cookware for residential and commercial. That was a big whisk and huge ladle Wendy and I found. There was also a gigantic wooden spoon but the head probably wouldn't fit my any of my saucepans!

johnny said...

All you need now is a giant bowl of Pho to go with that spoon!