Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

They are sun worshipers just like us. Hope you survived the longest day of the year. :-)

John told me that he had heard about a study where they put pet cams on the collars of cats and discovered that these felines spend most of the time (they are awake) peering out the window so he'll open the shades every morning for the girls in spite of the summer heat that comes through. Havi is so white, I suppose she can stand to get a tan right?
I thought that is so sweet of him to consider their needs as if we don't already pamper them. He treats Elgy and Havi like his daughters; his anthropomorphisms never fail to make me smile (and I am just as guilty).

Then the other day I heard him ask someone, "Do you have animals?"
Animals?!?!  John I hope you weren't referring to our pets, LOL!

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