Friday, June 18, 2010

Bike Ride to Stratosphere Pool

We rode the route I refer to as the Green Valley loop but I was out of steam as we rode by Starbucks so instead of climbing the Green Valley (of Death) loop, we road straight towards Pecos and up St. Rose (the hill was not as steep).

At the top there was a small patch on the bike path that is absolutely beautiful to ride through. I hope the it develops to a longer route. Once again the wind was blowing and if I had not drafted John, I would not have made it home and BOY was I glad the ride was over. Still I had fun though and we rode about 18.46 miles.

We were definitely ready for some pool time but felt like being low-key. Some friends had told us about the topless pool on the fifth floor at the Stratosphere. We've been meaning to check it out for years and there was no better time than today to do so. 
There wasn't a whole lot of people and I must admit, it was nice and relaxing. Many reviews we've read mentioned that it was not pretentious and we'd have to agree. There's a bucket of sunscreen guest can help themselves to, the drinks are cheap, and I love the lounge chairs with the shade to keep the sun off your face, LOL!! There's only one bathroom for the women but it didn't seem to be a problem. I was surprised how clear the water was compared to other pools (they could be cloudy due to suncreen ... or the size of the pool for the number of people in them).

I truly enjoyed the panoramic view from the Strip to the outskirts of the city and the surrounding mountain ranges and how quiet it was even as more people filled the chairs. Even the folks screaming on the rides from atop was kind of entertaining to hear, LOL. The music wasn't too loud as I scoured cooking magazines for recipes to inspire me for the the work week to come. I would definitely visit this pool again and am glad we tried some place new. From a new riding route to the Stratosphere pool with John, my time off has been fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are rocking the crystal string back. I just got two of them (with the "kimmy" teardrop front). Hubby thinks they are the best suits ever. I love the crystal string back. Never tried it before, but glad i did. I am sure I will get a couple of more. Have you ever done the teardrop? I have two and they are the best ever!!!

- Michelle

Kashmir said...

I love your hair long again Daly! Sexi mama!! :)

Daly said...

@Anonymous: I had heard the teardrops are the best ever and really comfortable. I honestly don't know why I have not ordered that bottom before...maybe I have not decided on what fabric pattern would work for me. Any suggestions on which suit I should get a tear drop in? I'll post pics when I wear one ;-) BTW, use discount code LASVEGAS20 on your next order for 20% off at Malibu

@Kashmir: thank you. I vacillate between cutting it and leaving it long because of the maintenance, LOL. I would like to go short again.

Anonymous said...

I got two daly. One was the pink zebra, the other was the "sheer when wet" in lime green (hubby has a matching thong that goes with it). Both have the crystal string back. It is important to get that because i previously had the SM teardrop, but because the back was just a simple G, it would get twisted up all the time. The Kimmy bottom does not do that.

- Michelle