Friday, June 04, 2010

Indoor Garden

John: "Hey hon ... I think your herbs aren't growing because they may need more sunlight." I had planted the seeds of sweet Italian basil, oregano, Long Island cilantro, sage, and chives.

So I moved the mini greenhouse to the dining table to catch the morning sun's rays. But I think I  know WHY they weren't getting enough sun light because it appears they may have had company competing for the golden beams all along.
Then the other day I made the connection between why the seedlings were looking so scrawny ... like they had been nibbled at!

I caught the suspect red handed one morning.

She was being uncooperative with her mug shot while Havi played innocent and temporarily gave up her spot in the sun.

Sigh ... I had high hopes of having a lush indoor herb garden, now deflated. Perhaps I should join Window Farms and maybe they can help my brown thumbs.

...Or I can just cheat!! Heh heh ... my mom-in-law made me a starter pot of basil (pictured) and a pot of mint (not pictured). We'll see how long this can last.

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