Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chicken Marsala Recipe

I am not a fan of chicken. Perhaps because the image of a plain, dry, and pale flesh sitting blandly on a plate for me to choke chew down flashes in my head when I hear or read the word "chicken". The lingering effects of my unsuccessful dieting days.

To make chicken dinners, I keep my anti-chicken radars tuned to easy but tasty poultry recipes. I received this {Easy Anytime Dinner} Chicken Marsala Recipe through my e-mail subscription to the Sweet Savory Life. I can't believe I have never made it and will give it a try! Hope it can measures up to Maggie's which I enjoyed recently for Big John's birthday.

If you try the recipe, will you please provide feedback and your tips/suggestions for a good cooking-with-chicken experience?


Anonymous said...

can be also good without wine.
put some cheese on the mushrooms then put it in an oven.cook until the water evaporetes.

Daly said...

Yumm! Thank you for the suggestion. Any kind of cheese or is there one that you prefer?

Anonymous said...

it could be cheddar or kashkaval.I dont know English word for it,but no flavour in it.

Peter said...

If you are really interested in avoiding "plain, dry" flesh, why don't you cook chicken sous vide?

Daly said...

@Anonymous: thank you for the suggestions, I will have to try next time.
@Peter: yes! I have started to find other ways to keep the chicken moist using a slow cooker or ... (don't laugh, LOL) one of those NuWave ovens and it has worked really well.