Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pho at Lemongrass Cafe

The perfect remedy for a gloomy day is a piping hot bowl of soup, Vietnamese noodle soup to be specific. I can never have it plain as served (pictured here) though the savory flavor of the broth suits others just fine. Fixings like plucked Chinese basil leaves, bunches of bean sprouts, fresh jalapeƱo for a spicy crunch, a squeeze of tangy lime juice, and all the seasonings like chili hot sauce for a spicy kick and sugar to balance the salty broth liven up my soup. If I'm having Spring Rolls I'll add a dollop of the peanut dipping sauce for a nutty flavor. Uhm...just yum-yum!!!

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Johnny said...

MMMMM, Pho sounds good today! We will go again soon!

Daly said...

Is it "soon" already? ;-P

Sean said...

is this in Aria? I am going to be staying at Aria for conference from 24th to 26th. I am hoping to get into Vegas in time to make the UNLV v TCU game. So little time in Vegas and so much that I want to do!