Saturday, October 31, 2009

Teeny Weeny Polka-Dot Toenail-ees

My attempt to get in the Halloween spirit. The all black nail polish was too hideous of a match for my toes so I added polka-dots and flowers.
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Anonymous said...

How do you make the flower?

Daly said...

1) Take a round tooth pick and cut it in half so that you have a blunt end and a pointed end.
2) Use the blunt end of the tooth pick to dip in the nail polish, make five evenly spaced dots in a circle (which will form the petals of the flowers). You'll learn how much polish to get on the tooth pick to make the dots.
3) While the dots are still wet, use the pointed end of the tooth pick to scrape from the middle of the dots into the center of the circle (which will make the crease that you see in the middle of the flower petals).

I hope that makes sense. Next time I do it, I can post the steps with photos.