Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky at Kabuki

I found it hard to get in the mood for Halloween this year and was unsure whether to pass out candy or melt into the darkness of the holiday. So John and I made our way to Town Square in Las Vegas for dinner and little did we know we'd find ourselves surrounded by swarms of goblins, robins, and fairies! Crowds of families and trick-or-treaters lined the streets along the shops, filled with glee. While they waited patiently for candy, we treated ourselves to sushi at Kabuki Restaurant.

Miso soup warmed our tummy and endamame stirred our appetites. Then came the Lotus on Fire sushi roll...
...and the Kabuki Sushi Roll was just perfect for the evening while we watched all the kids in costumes walk by the glass window.
Finally it was time to pry ourselves away, towards home where it was our turn to pass out the treats--we didn't want to let down our neighborhood trick-or-treaters. John put out the decorations and I got the cats dressed in their Halloween costumes. It was good to have so many visitors stop by this year because this tells me, the Halloween spirit is still very much alive. Happy Halloween ... or as Elgy and Havi would say, Havi Hell-of-a-Halloween!!
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TomboCheck said...

Looks tasty and sounds like fun. A good halloween!