Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 Mount Charleston Hill Climb

2009 Mount Charleston Hill Climb Collage
Almost 300 riders signed up for the annual Mount Charleston Hill Climb in Las Vegas, NV on September 19, 2009. With the start of the bike race at 3,312 ft. elevation, the climb to 8,669 ft. to the top is a race of attrition.

At the peak, where the finish line draws the end of the line for the racers, family and friends gather to congratulate the podium finishers and cheer on the remaining riders.

My hats are off to our dear friends who placed 4th in the pros, and 1st in Cat 3 when we left before the results were posted. I have tremendous respect for all of the finishers for their persistence in riding 17.5 miles, changing over 5,000 ft. in elevation with no rest whatsoever. Except for a short downgrade of 50 feet, everything was UPHILL and that's why they call it the Mount Charleston Hill Climb.

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johnny said...

Great write up!! Hopefully I will be more prepared next yr...LOL