Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ready to Ride the Giro!

I have only ridden my bike on the street in front of our home less than three minutes and I have already fallen over! This was my first time on the road with my bike; prior to this I had only ridden on the trainer indoors. I pedaled back and forth and wanted to come to a stop. Unlike platform pedals (where there's nothing holding me to the bicycle), clipless pedals kept me attached by my shoes which have cleats.
Me: "How do I stop?"

John: "Just clip out." A knowledge so rudimentary to him that he doesn't have to think about how to come to a stop and step off the bike.

I came to a stop, unclipped my right shoe and having no momentum to drive me forward, I was left to balance at a stand still. I leaned left and fell over hitting the ground. Timber...LOL!! Apparently I should have unclipped my left shoe because I was use to stepping out on my left leg.

The lesson for beginners:
  1. When approaching a stop, twist your feet (heel out) to the side to release the shoe from the pedals as you slow down.
  2. Straighten your leg, out to the side as you come to a full stop and lean the same way as that leg, standing firmly on the side you have unclipped. Caution: shoes with cleats don't have a lot of tread so it's important to come to nearly a full stop before putting your feet down and standing on the shoe. You can slide and fall.

Yeah...I'm really gonna be competitive in a triathlon in two months (perhaps the Kiddies Division...I could probably beat them if I ran along with my bike!).

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