Monday, July 20, 2009

Keep brown sugar soft

I've never been able to keep brown sugar from hardening after opening the original packaging. Not in a plastic container or Ziplock bag...until now. Wrapped up in cellophane, it stayed soft! I'd like to know, what works for you?


TomboCheck said...

I throw a piece of bread into the package. The bread releases moisture which keeps the sugar soft. Replace whenever you notice the sugar getting hard, or the bread is like a rock. :)

Daly said...

@Tom, I had heard of something like that and will have to try it. So the bread doesn't get moldy because the sugar absorbs the moisture? My fear is I'd forget about replacing the bread because I don't use the brown sugar much. Thank you for the tip!

TomboCheck said...

My bread has never gone moldy, but it does get rock hard after a while. I often forget about it, and eventually the sugar starts to harden up, but you pop a fresh piece of bread in and a day or two later the sugar is soft again. :)