Thursday, April 09, 2009

Scooting Along

I can't tell you how much I love my scooter. I use it almost every day. Not only does it move me swiftly across campus, especially when I'm wearing heels, but it's also handy for carrying my heavy computer bag, gym bag, and lunch bag.

I indulged in the opportunity to ride on a smooth surface seeing that classes were not in session...

...then rode towards one of the stations from where I work...

...and the next day, back to where I 've spent most of my time for the last year sitting in interactive design sessions.

This scooter is sure a lot of fun. If you are looking for one like mine, an E-Zip 500, or other styles, TheScooterFamily has a slew of selections. Right now they are offering free shipping (and my scooter is not light...I think it's 40 or 60 pounds). If you email Chris ( and let him know you were referred from my blog, he may give you a 20% discount.

During this summer when temperatures are close to 110 degrees, it sure great for going quickly from building to building and avoid prolonged exposure to the heat. It's also helpful in drying the sweat off my body after a workout at the gym!

1 comment:

TomboCheck said...

Not to mention how stylish I'm sure you look scooting down the street, you speed demon!

So do you just park it in your cubicle? :)