Friday, April 10, 2009

Harleying through Henderson

One of my favorite memories of riding a motorcycle was going to my commencement on a Road Glide. The best part was jetting off and leaving behind the trail of cars exiting campus after the ceremony.

I can't quite describe the rush between going fast in a car (or convertible) or flying 112 m.p.h. across a glassy lake and riding a cruiser through the warm evening air (wearing no helmet in Lake Havasu) to dinner. It's as free as I can feel with nothing holding me down but my arms around my husband's waste.

Lately, I craved going faster than 15 m.p.h. on my electric scooter and covering more ground than a campus. I asked my husband to surprise me and bring home one of the company cars he can choose from. Soon I heard a rumble in the driveway of a Harley-Davidson Road Glide with a built-in stereo.

We rode part of a route he'd take when he rides his bicycle towards Boulder City. Experiencing that with him made my day!

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