Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Maggie and I were on the road just before dawn on Thursday morning. Away from sleepless Vegas towards the coast of California. Despite receiving sad news of uncle Frank's passing the night before, we moved forward with our plans for a getaway weekend with the girls.

Great cousin, Caroline, surprised us by flying in from Ohio. Just the day before, she emailed a photo of her standing in knee-deep snow bundled up in a parka and holding a sign that read, "Today". Then she emailed a second photo; this time standing in the freezing snow with her swimsuit on and holding a sign that read, "Tomorrow" LOL!!

And here we all are, in the glorious warmth of the Golden State. My mom-in-law and I arrived at Grandma and aunt Jan's home a quarter hour before noon and just in time for a cocktail.

Our union called for a toast and that wasn't the only reason we had to celebrate today. An uncle would soon have a 60th birthday and although this was a "girls only weekend", we thought he was special enough to be in our company ;).

Soon we were on the outside patio of Cedar Creek Inn in Laguna Niguel having lunch with the birthday boy. Rounds of martinis, deep fried artichoke hearts with dill sauce, seafood salad ... yum, yum!! It was a lovely afternoon.

Then we took a stroll along the ocean and to the grounds where Caroline's family once lived but now a massive, fancy hotel sprawls across the property (the name I can't recall).

And if today wasn't perfect as it was, I was spoiled at dinner by Grandma's homemade spinach raviolli and meat sauce. OMG ... I could have sworn the day was all a dream. As I rest my weary head on the soft pillow tonight, I wished upon a star that when I wake up in the morning all would be true...Grandma, Jan, Maggie, Caroline, and me--just the girls having a great time.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on reviving your blog !!!

Look forward to more posts...

Daly said...

Thank you :) Slowly ... but hopefully surely, I will catch up.