Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm too sexy

John strikes a pose; goofing around as usual.
...for this shirt! (John strikes a pose; goofing around as usual, lol.)

Just over a year ago, he could not wear this jersey. Almost 50 pounds lighter, he can now fit into the same jersey he wore when he was a 17-year old junior cyclist. Picture and post here.

For many months he trained diligently and watched his diet. In a week, John will be competing in his first road bike race after a 20+ year break from cycling. I am so excited for him!

No matter the results of the event, I am proud of him and all his hard work.


Anonymous said...

It takes a REAL man to be able to rock the pink! LOL! F'in Awesome.


Daly said...

@Kashmir, very funny and I guess it's true ;)

I came upon your comment again and remembered the reason behind the pink jersey. It's the winner's jersey and the pink color is unique enough that other teams usually wouldn't pick for their kits. Yellow is the leader of stage races, green for sprint winner or something like that. I can't remember exactly. I'm pretty sure there's a polka dot one, I discovered after joking about it. If there's not one, they should make one, LOL.