Friday, March 13, 2009

Day at the Spa

After a breakfast we couldn't wait to escape to the Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa for a day of relaxation and pampering!

We soaked our bodies in the natural hot springs, lounged on floats in the shallow Lounge Pool sipping cocktails, muddied up in the therapeutic red clay mud bath (that was quite an experience), and ate lunch at Cafe Sole (aunt Jan went to Le Cordon Bleu with the Chef). Glen Ivy was literally an 11-acre playground getaway where we could have stayed all day!

When it was time to leave, they almost had to boot us out, LOL. We went on to Tom's Farm which is a really neat indoor farmer's market with outdoor attractions. You can ride the carousel, drive a tractor, go on a train ride, hunt for real fossils and gems, or enjoy a magic show or the live entertainment on the weekends. I was more interested in the Sweet Shop and Wine & Cheese store.

By the time we got back to home base, we were starving. I was so lucky to be surrounded by the world's best cooks who served up grilled Tiger Shrimp and spicy green beans for dinner. Two of my favorite dishes and sharing it with four of my favorite gals was icing on the cake! I was truly pampered.

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