Sunday, March 01, 2009

Callville Bay Classic Bike Race - Crit (Day 2)

Day 2 was the final day of the race. The riders will compete in the last stay, the crit (short for criterium which is basically a short circuit race). In the Callville Bay Classic, the crit was a loop around the marina parking lot with quick right then left turns, uphill then downhill, and a straight finish after curving around the bend).

This time we were up before sunrise...oh it so was painful not sleeping in during my weekend but we needed to get on location with enough time for John to check-in and warm up before the start time for his category at 8:20am.

Cones and bails of hay were in place to establish boundaries of the circuit and protect the riders from running into poles with concrete bases (that would not be fun).

I had no idea there was more technicality than a bunch of guys on bicycles riding around in a circle. The track is narrow with sharp turns, the cyclists ride closely together which requires bike handling skills (cornering, climbing, drafting, sprinting) and tactics (blocking, overtaking, drafting, and safety). One wrong move can cause a crash and burn chain reaction. With only a helmet and possibly gloves to protect their body, road rash can be painful and take a long time to recover from (because the cuts aren't clean and the skin can't be stitched back together).

The Jr. Men and Women took off at the same time though they will be placing in their own category. All I can say is these kids are competitive, strong, and fast little buggers! They would easily outdo me on my scooter...even if I were to be towed by a car! It's refreshing to see young adults actively involved in cycling and passionate about a healthy sport. The difference between me and these guys when I was their age was I had a yellow cruiser with a basket and they're riding $10K+ bikes and wearing cool kits!

Finally it was time for the Men's Cat 5 warm-up lap. John flashed me a sign. I hoped he will be safe and know he will do his best.

After the riders are situated at the line and the ref reviews the rules, they take off the moment the start gun goes off with a bang! One of the things I like about the crit is I have the chance to take tons of photos and videos as they ride laps along the course. With that said, I don't want to bore you too many photos so I posted the photos on and videos on my Flickr web album. (They are not all of John either, lol. There are pics of the Juniors and Pros too.)

All I have left to say is I had a blast watching the races, not only John's group but all the other categories too.

John had a photo finish for fourth place. He was a foot or a second behind placing third overrall. I definitely think 4th place out of 50 guys is awesome for his first race after leaving the sport. Congrats babe!!

Photos from Flickr album: Callville Bay Classic Bicycle Race (March 1, 2009)


TomboCheck said...

Congrats John! Keep on kickin' ass!

Daly said...

Thanks, Tom :)

Annejelynn said...

nyce, Johnny!