Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My office at home sits on the shaded side of the house but has a convenient view of the front door in case someone comes knocking. The sunscreen offers me privacy...and the entertainment value of watching visitors pick their nose or dance while they wait for the door to be answered.

Meanwhile the spare bedroom across the hall allows plenty of sunshine through the window but remain unoccupied for all but a few days throughout the year when we have guests staying with us.

With winter dragging on, I desired a space with more natural lighting so I decided to move my office across the hall and eliminate the spare bedroom. Then John can have my old office space to turn into his own hobby room.

Late Sunday morning, I decided I wanted to paint the now empty spare bedroom. The girls were delighted to help choose the colors, especially Elgy.

Havi was more interested in inspecting the lighting fixture.

Ultimately I decided on a green scheme. Somehow the colors made me feel like I was in a tropical forest.

Once I painted the first swatch, there was no going back and so I kept going...and going...and going. Late into Sunday night, all the walls were painted. The girls kept me company and my husband checked in from time to time...and brought dinner. I think I've said this before--he is THE sandwich king.
I needed ideas for arranging my office and squatted on the floor with my laptop. Elgy, of course, needed to oversee my decisions...and then she got too cozy and took a nap--LOL!!
So far this is what I have: a palm tree lit from the bottom and paper lanterns from our wedding. Only one has a pendant light so I will need to get a couple more for the other two. I will post a panorama when I am done moving.


Anonymous said...

Hi Daly,
This looks amazing! Will painted our bedroom green a few years ago. The color wakes you up! I like the contrasting walls.

Daly said...

Thanks, Dolly!! It's been a while since I've been to your house ;) You are right, the green wakes you up. Wish I could work more from home.

corrin said...

Love that green!

Daly said...

Thank you, Corrin. :) Quite wild but it felt right to me. I almost went with some shade of orange or yellow which would seem bright and sunny but the green seems tropical to me.