Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kitty Time

Because we love our girls, my camera is always firing; capturing every precious moment. For some who view these photos, they may merely see cats. To us, they are our precious baby girls and so everything they do is so cute (yeah, I's sickening, LOL).

Here's Elgy napping on my belly...

Havi resting on John's lap...

Elgy standing(?) ... er, eh, leaning on John's lap. She does this when he eats cereal.

Elgy sleeping on my lap...

Okay, so far you've only seen the girls' talent for sleeping, lounging, resting, and napping.

Being sedentary is not all they can do. They practice yoga ...

...and play hide-and-seek.
Where's Elgy?
(Oh where, oh where could she be?)

(Elgy the expert at hiding)

(Aaah!! You found me!)

There you have it; a glimpse into the lives of our baby girls!!


TomboCheck said...

Elgy looks like she is about to bust out the kung foo on you... :)

Daly said...

Tom, she can be possessive of her box ;) (the truth is, Elgy doesn't have a mean whisker on her face...she was actually yawning but the photo is too funny not to post, lol)