Thursday, February 19, 2009

First few shots with Nikon D60

All I know about my new camera so far is how to turn it on and shoot. I used the auto and no flash settings...and of course, Havi and Elgy were my target subjects!

First, roses from Maggie...

Then Havi in the bath tub (she does not like the flash) and digging in my paper trash. Strangely, she likes to eat plastic bags.

Elgy bird watching...

Havi catching the rays of the sun in the lounge.

I see ghost kitties!

Note to self: need more practice...and LOTS of it!


Mark said...

That DSLR is giving a better quality image result already eh ?

Practice makes perfect. I look forward to John using the camera on you for bikini shots when it warms up !

Just today I ordered a D90 so I am looking forward to better images too !

TomboCheck said...

Looks pretty darn good to me! :)

Congrats on the new camera, and I look forward to seeing all the fun shots you take. You have a darn good eye!

Daly said...

@Mark: thank you. We took bikini shots already so John could practice, lol. I would have LOVED the D90 but thought the D60 was a good start and price range for me.

@Tom: thank you for the compliments. Coming from you, that means a lot.

Mark said...

Yes, well, I just hope no one asks me why I got a D90 and not a D60 because I wonder myself... I think you will be getting better value for money !

Luckily I get to claim it as a work expense and we have a extra incentive to spend more at the moment here in Australia due to a extra special tax deductibility deal until 30 June.

Look forward to seeing the pics and reading of what is going on with your life for the future !