Saturday, February 28, 2009

Callville Bay Classic Bike Race - TT (Day 1)

The alarm clock went off. It's 5 a.m. I cracked open one eye. WTH?! The darn thing is buzzing earlier than usual ... and it's not even a weekday.

Today is the beginning of a two day, three stage race near Lake Mead (the time trail (referred to as "TT"), road race, and crit (short for criterium). John is up and about, preparing for his first race of the morning, the time trial in the Callville Bay Classic Bike Race.

I found myself awake and excited for him. Whoa now ... I didn't jump out of bed. It was more like I stumbled around like a drunk on roller skates, LOL.

Somehow, we managed to find ourselves at the sleepy marina where we frequented during the summers. O-hai widdle lake ... no, we are not launching a boat today.

Besides the Men's Cat (Category) 4 & 5 (which includes John), there are other groups racing: the Women's Cat 4 & 5, Jr. Women, Jr. Men, Men and Pro 1 & 2. Some categories are broken down by age groups or age groups and category, while others depend on the category regardless of age.

John begins to warm up on his trainer.

Maggie and John arrive shortly thereafter for moral support.

My husband takes his position in the queue as the riders ahead of him hit the road in 30-second intervals. The time trial stage is where, instead of riding alongside each other, the cyclists race against the clock from start to finish for the fastest time.

Ready...set...go! My boy in blue takes off along the 6.5 kilometer road which weaves uphill from Callville Bay to Northshore Road.
11 minutes and 47 seconds later, John placed 5th in the Men's Category 5 TT, tying with two other cyclists. He has performed better during training so he's not too thrilled about his time. In my opinion (considering it's his first race in over teen years), placing in the top 5 out 50 riders is ... not bad at all.

Photos from the Flickr photo set: SNSR Callville Bay Classic Bicycle Race 2009

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