Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wheat Grass

"You know what the difference is between a brown thumb and a green thumb?", Maggie (my mom-in-law) asked me after I whined about not being able to keep any living plant alive for very long.

"Practice.", she said. She's practice I did.

I ordered this awesome kit from and followed the instructions. By the way, the grass is suitable for juicing. A couple days later, the grass started to grow...

Elgy couldn't wait to nibble on the young sprouts!

Havi, on the other hand was not quite sure what to do so John thought he'd give her some tips. She refused to be a copy cat.
I was SO proud of accomplishing 4 inches of growth!

I set Maggie up with some seeds to grow for Yazzi and Bindy Sue, who love it (pictured here, taken by Maggie). Except when I finally saw the wheat grass in person, it was over 3 feet tall, LOL!!

John says he's going to capitalize on my brown thumbs to thwart the growth, if not kill, weeds in our neighbor's yard.

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