Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rally Against Budget Cuts

There was a huge rally on campus tonight against the proposed state budget cuts, 51% to UNLV alone (The governor wants to chop 2.6-percent from the K-12 budget and 36-percent of the budget for higher education, 51-percent of that cut coming out of the pockets of UNLV*.). This was too much after the last round of cuts when the state realized there will be a budget shortfall.
News of the cuts mobilized students, faculty and staff from community colleges and universities who crowded the lawn holding hand-made signs with messages like, "Legalize and tax", "Don't delete my degree", "Buck fudget cuts" and "Cut school, Increase prison".

Since I had a couple hours between work and class, I went to see the rally for myself. The issues surrounding our state's budget will affect me as a staff member and student of the university. The timing of budget cuts couldn't make for a better discussion in the class I'm taking, Higher Education Finance. I thought the class was right down my ally given my occupation, interest in finance and background in higher education.
Our semester started this past week and my class this past Thursday. Surrounded by a small group of students, all doctoral candidates, I was the only exception having only a bachelor's degree. I glanced at the outline of topics on the whiteboard: inflation, future values, ratios and economics. Great, I thought. Only through a miracle did I manage to get an associate's in economics and B.S. in finance. I never thought I'd revisit those subjects again (at least I had hoped). To be fair, I truly enjoyed math, economics and finance but they didn't like me and, sadly, were not my greatest strengths. And here I found myself facing numbers, formulas and ratios once again as they relate to higher education and institution funding.
By the end of the night, I had hoped the words of my professor would come true..."the numbers will sing to you". I hope so...because right now, they're screaming run while you can, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Wow Daly I can't beleive you are taking a class on top of your crazy work schedule. Are you offically in graduate school? Good luck either way.

Daly said...

@ Dolly: I have yet to apply. Just want to test the waters first and make sure I don't dive head in first, especially with the impending ERP implementation.