Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Eve

I love to celebrate everything, big or small, but strangely I am not very hot on celebrating New Year's Eve. I understand the final day of the Gregorian year is a cause for social gatherings to celebrate the transition into a new year but call me a Party Pooper when I say that December 31 (to me) is simply another day; a continuum of time in my life. Sure a new month or new year would be important to inventory, taxes or sales numbers but for me, every day/week/month is a new start.

Of course, sharing this significant day with friends and family is ALWAYS nice but despite invitations to local gatherings and a party in Lake Havasu, my husband and I decided to...stay home. I guess I am trying to say that I prefer (this year at least) to ring in the new year away from the crowd and noise, choosing the comfort and silence within our humble abode. I planned an evening of dinner and a movie.

Our evening started out with Frozen Cranberry Margaritas and appetizers, a plate of crackers, cheeses (Cheddar, Swiss, soft cheese with mushrooms), salami and turkey breast meat.

Maggie's Citrus Salad to start our dinner... John says YUM!!!
Havi declares she is READY FOR DIN-DIN!! (A warning: if you give up your seat, it is free game for her to claim, LOL.)
My husband grilled the garlic-marinated steak while I roasted the vegetables.
We watched August Rush after dinner. A GREAT (love story) movie, especially if you appreciate music. Paused for dessert, hot Apple Crisp with Fudge Tracks (vanilla ice cream with swirls of fudge and chunks of peanut butter cups) and decaf coffee. I SUCK at dessert but John liked the "jerky" crunchy apple slices with the soft texture of the ice cream, LOL.

Finally a toast to the new year. Whatever the coming days and months will bring, I am grateful to spend this day with John, Havi and Elgy. Near midnight we were stuffed with food and alcohol. Sleep tugged at our eyelids ... the soft sheets on our bed invited us to crawl underneath and we all slept soundly throughout the night. Happy New Year to all ... and to all a wonderful night!

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Dano said...

I'm with you on New Year's being overrated. I did have a fun evening hanging out with friends before getting home right at midnight. Do not want to be driving between 12AM and 2AM on "amateur night" .

Looks like you guys had a wonderful meal and dessesrt.

Happy 2009!