Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hijacker Havi

How is that, of all the things on my desk, Havi manages to find the little cap to my flash drive? One of the many times she spotted it, the curious girl picked it up in her mouth and leaped off my desk where she then placed the cap on the floor. Resting next to it, she gingerly covered the cap with both paws as if to declare firmly, THIS is mine. Then she launched into animating her new-but-old toy-of-the-moment, jumping to and fro, batting it around like a hockey puck, LOL!!

Under normal circumstances I would have immediately taken possession of the cap to avoid a house wide search later on--only to struggle in gaining a hold of it from underneath the couch or refrigerator. This time, she was too darn cute! I didn't have the heart to deny her enjoyment from such a simple little thing.

When things were too silent, I knew she had parted with the cap because it was where her paws could reach. Sure enough it was underneath a rolling drawer. Seeing that she wasn't around to beg for her toy, I reunited the cap with my flash drive.


Annejelynn said...

I like the new look of your blog!

Daly said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

But you have gone quite quiet lately...

Hope everything is ok !

Daly said...

Anonymous, I sincerely appreciate your concern. I haven't been able to cope with the challenges of seemingly normal day-to-day events and am trying to find my way.

I've been working to catch up with work, class and personal life (especially to answer emails from caring friends and family). eWorld first then perhaps I can do lunch (and blog very soon)! LOL...

Daly said...

By the way, I do post short updates more frequently on Twitter: http://twitter.com/home

I wish my friends and family would start twittering so I can follow them and stay up to date with their status with about to go to Facebook or MySpace.

My photos get posted to Flickr (for hosting) before I post on my blog. Writing for me doesn't always come easy and a blog post can take me longer than I'd like sometimes so that's the main reason why I lag.

Thank you again, Anonymous, for your comment. You make me feel like blogging again!

Anonymous said...


Yes, I do follow your tweets. Good to hear all is fine.

Don't feel bad - being time poor just seems a standard mode these days !

Keep it up !

Daly said...

Anonymous, thank you for your encouragement.

I am not only time poor, I'm time broke and in deeply in time debt! LOL!!