Sunday, January 18, 2009


Growing up, there was not much entertaining going on in my household. Sure my parents had people over every now (but usually for special events like engagements parties and weddings). The gathering of our guests were almost always divided with the men in one area, smoking and/or drinking, talking loudly while passing gas both ways (oh I don't know if that's all too accurate. It's what my little girl memory recalls.) The women, however, "slaved" away in the kitchen and missing the fun was my observation at the time. It was rare or only for a small part of the social event that both sexes physically sat down together to enjoy the meal. I guess men and women roles have always been different (the movie, Titanic, is going through my mind as an example) and my family's ritual is not as abnormal as I thought. Still it was 'entertaining' in my eyes, not like the way my mom-in-law, Maggie, entertains; an past-time we always look forward to.

Shame on us for having a burger earlier in the day but we made sure not to spoil our appetites any further by the time the evening rolled around. Dinner was at my husband's parents' home, an occasion we wouldn't miss for the world.

I could have had the whole tray of deviled eggs and called it a meal BUT...there was the sound of angels singing, HAM!! Not just any 'old ham but honey/molasses glazed HAM, effortlessly cooked by Maggie. I must learn this secret of "effortless cooking" so I can eat HAM with green eggs and Sam...mies. Gosh, can you tell that I love ham?

Then we sat down to dinner of salad, piping hot corn casserole, green beans and HAM. YUM-YUM!!
After dinner we settled in the living room to watch a movie. I like to occupy my hands with a knitting project so I can mess up and unravel the yarn, taking forever to finish a piece thus my record of ONE scarf per year. Bindy Sue and Yazzy didn't seem to mind the company of the tangled mess, which they made their new furry friend.

After homemade dessert and tea, I felt like Bindy Sue did on the couch. Entertaining is not a small effort (though rewarding in its way) but feasting is even more exhausting ;).

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