Monday, December 29, 2008

Scarf and Long Socks

John gave me a hard time for wearing over-sized sweatpants around the house. Well..they were his. The crotch hung at my mid thigh and I would tuck my feet in so they looked like footed pajamas worn by toddlers. I must admit, it was not the most attractive way to stay warm.

So I dug out my long socks (and matching candy cane earrings) which he thought was even more ridiculous than the sweats and so he had to take a photo of me (probably to make fun of through one of his forums though that would not be necessary since I already do a fine job of making a fool of myself, LOL).

The socks are keeping my legs and feet warm, so I am okay with that.

Well I have GREAT news! I finally finished the scarf I started last winter for our aunt Leanna in Montana. You see, I only knit during the winter but that does not excuse the snail-like speed of my knitting skills. What matters is the scarf is complete and I am sending it with hugs and kisses tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Daly,
Knee socks are way hotter than sweats! I'm glad ur home till next year. Lucky girl!


Daly said...

Awe, thanks Dolly. They are goofy but keep me warm. I miss you!!