Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas in Vegas

I opened my eyes on Christmas morning hoping last night was a bad dream. For a second, believing that I was waking up in Washington state where my family gathered for Christmas. Instead my heart dropped. I was in our bedroom...still in Las Vegas and closed my eyes to fall back asleep. Because of flight delays due to severe weather, we canceled our trip to the Evergreen State. This morning I will not be opening gifts with my family or see the joy on my niece and nephews' faces when they open their presents.

A kiss on my shoulder and fingers running through my hair woke me up. "Good morning!" It was John pushing the messy strands away from my face, asking if I would like to go to breakfast.

I didn't answer him definitively after he asked several times before going into the shower and after stepping out of the shower. Even though I wasn't hungry, I should be since I went to bed without a bite of dinner, it would be unwifely of me to deprive my husband of a decent breakfast.

I rose out out of bed and got ready for breakfast, my face looked like I was in a boxing match from crying out of disappointment. During our drive to the Original Pancake House, the streets were quiet. Void of cars and people. It was like a ghost town. But we knew almost everyone was all doing what we should have partaken in Washington.

Breakfast was perfect, even without the Bloody Mary I had so wanted to warm up my stomach. John likes the chocolate chip pancakes with extra syrup and I stuck with strawberry pancakes and a side of honey maple ham.

After breakfast we went to watch Four Christmases at the theater located in the casino we were in. The movie starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon seemed appropriate since it was Christmas Day. Great movie, by the way.

John couldn't resist being himself, making me laugh in the process.

After the movie, I felt better and was over being bummed about missing Christmas with family. At least we were all together, just in different places. It can always be worse, right? We went home, drank eggnog and watched holiday programming and another movie, Identity, which I recommend--but not on Christmas Day, LOL.

Later in the same evening, we had some electrical issues so our outdoor Christmas lights went out as well as the lights in the master and guest bathrooms (though some of the outlets still work ). At this point, I can live with showering in the dark but when we reset the circuit breakers, the wireless routers lost its network settings. I HAD to do something about that and spent a good hour troubleshooting and reconfiguring the cable modem and wireless router. But hey--I'm back online to bring this important message to you!

I hope everyone had a VERY MERRY Christmas and got all that you had wished for!!

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