Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it snow in Vegas

We are having snowfall...about 2 to 3 inches so far. My husband took this photo in between running errands.

I was on campus at the time and was pushing my scooter back to my office.

The president of the university allowed everyone who needed to leave for home off for the rest of the afternoon. The snow storm could break records set over 20 years ago and if I didn't leave campus immediately, I could be stuck in a cold cubicle.

The roads were crazy, visibility was very low. McCarren airport shut down and there were several freeway closures. The infamous Las Vegas sign lost power and there were many people taking photos in front of it.

It snowed into the evening and all was quiet and calm.

I was outside taking photos when I heard a CRACK! One of the branches from the neighbor's tree (in the background of this photo) broke from the weight of the snow (many trees on campus were experiencing the same thing).

I must admit, snow can be beautiful...but hurry up and melt so there can be hopes of sunshine.


Dano said...

That is awesome that is snowed there - you guys need the moisture anyhow, plus nothing like a little bit of snow to add a Christmas flair. Speaking of which, more snow to shovel tomorrow here in god's country!

Rose DesRochers said...

Looks very pretty. We are getting lots of snow here.

Daly said...

@ Dano: we definitely need the moisture. Some of the snow is still sticking around in the hills. We missed you in October. Hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

@ Rose: one day of snow is about all Vegas (and I) can handle. We just aren't equipped to deal with it here. Airport and road was chaos with people parking a mile away from home and walking because their car couldn't go up a hill to where they live.

We will be in Spokane, WA for Christmas. I am sure there is lots of snow there too! Fun...

corrin said...

Such a bizarre sight! Being from Chicago, we think it's so funny to hear warm weather people panic when it snows. That's just a dusting to us. Haha.

Daly said...

LOL, corrin!! You are so right. We're just not equipped to handle snow. Several people, including my coworker, couldn't get their car up a hill so they parked their car and hiked one mile home.

While we got 5-8 inches of snow, places like where my sister lives snowed non-stop accumulating two feet the same we had snow, lol.