Sunday, November 09, 2008

Turkey Dinner

Did you say "turkey dinner"? I am so there, LOL. Especially if it's turkey dinner at John & Maggie's house. So we got ready on Sunday afternoon for supper of turkey and all the fixings.

The fabulous chef, Maggie.

Not my plate but nonetheless YUM-YUM!! Dinner was topped off with homemade raspberry sherbet.

We ate too much and had too good of a time.


aj said...

Love the sound track to your blog. What is it? Was going to go to bed, but listing to the tunes and lingering on the net...

Daly said...

It could be one of many songs that I've collected and am playing through MyFlashFetish player. You can view the title and artist through the widget in the side bar. Some of the tracks are mixed up with the titles so if you tell me what the technical song and track is, I can confirm. I am glad you enjoyed it though, whatever track it was. Thanks for letting me know. :)