Friday, November 07, 2008

SEMA 2008

Six years my husband has been to the Specialty Equipment Marketing Assocation's show in Las Vegas and this year, I was able to join him for my first tour. He had his own pass and mine said, Kristina (thanks to our buddies who hooked us up). As we walked into the Las Vegas Convention, I was overwhelmed with where to start: Business Services, Hot Rod Alley, Mobile Electronics & Technology, Racing & Performance, Restoration Marketplace, Restyling & Car Care Accessories, Tires, Wheels & Equipment, Tools, Trucks, or SUVs & Off-Road.

One thing I knew for sure, I was hungry so we stopped for breakfast and coffee.

Then we were on to the show! We got our photo taken with Kit from Knight Rider.

We walked quickly as we had so much space to cover. Admiring each vehicle for a minute or less.

So much detail in everything...I could still appreciate the work even though I don't know much about cars.

I loved this car...maybe because it's green...maybe because it's a lambo!

I saw paint swatches, wheels and concept cars.

I think I enjoyed spending time with John sharing one of his hobbies was the most fulfilling part of my day.

...the sawed up Bentley was sure cute.

I have so many photos to share...they are on my Flickr album.

Then we got hungry and wanted to rest our weary legs at Margaritaville. CIMG7895.JPG CIMG7906.JPG

Photos from SEMA 2008 album.

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