Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sam and Tiffany Wed

This weekend ended on a high note with the wedding of our cousin, Sam to long time sweetheart, Tiffany. We drove down to San Diego, CA to celebrate their special day.

The ceremony and reception was held at the Marriott in Point Loma where over 250 guests gathered on the green lawn as witnesses to the Sam and Tiffany's vows.

The ceremony was beautiful and personalized by our cousin, Bert, who was also the ordained minister at our wedding two and a half years ago.

The food was delicious and it was wonderful to see everyone. All in one weekend, I was able to see both sides of my extended family. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

Photos from Flickr album "Sam & Tiffany's Wedding".


corrin said...

Your hair looks cute! New color?

Daly said...

Thank you, Corrin. I thought I was going darker but ended up going lighter, LOL.