Friday, November 28, 2008

Remembering T.J.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving morning started out with pouring rain which was appropriate for the day's occasion. Arriving at the club house where the memorial service for T.J. was held evoked memories of the tragedy that brought together family and friends under one roof. I had forgotten about what happened to T.J. after I had landed in Florida to spend a few days with my sister but it all came back when I saw his dad and then his mom and my heart broke for them. What could I have said to bring them comfort and peace? Nothing...and so we just hugged in silence and comforted each other. The club house was packed; many did not get to sit down but the service was wonderful and there was no doubt T.J. was there when they played a DVD slide show of his life and some Oprah show was on. That was the jokester T.J. that we remembered. He loved drinking Dr. Pepper, playing Guitar hero, Rock Band and World of Warcraft, his favorite color was red and his favorite song is now playing.

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