Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Better Place for You T.J.

I never thought I would write about this on my blog but suicide is very real...and painful for those left behind. My husband's cousin, T.J. took his own life today. He was younger than his older sister who is 23 years old. I am filled with sheer sadness and disappointment. I have always liked T.J. and thought of him as the brother I would've had...that I lost at a young age back in Thailand...and now I've lost all over again.

Losing him hurts. I am disappointed and angry...in disbelief that this actually happened. I begged John to tell me that this news was a lie...some sort of cruel early April Fool's Day joke (I had explained the concept to my nail stylist today). But as much I want to deny the truth...this is real...and I have to face reality in a few days. Goodbye, T.J. You will never know how much you we miss you.

(This was on my screensaver slideshow...and how I will remember T.J.)
From Nancy's Birthday Party


Annejelynn said...

oh NO! Daly, I'm sooo sorry to hear this news. I know how suicide can affect a family - it's devastating. I'm so sorry for you and Johnny's family. Please give my love to Johnny, please.

TomboCheck said...

Sorry for your guys' loss! There have been a few attempted suicides in my family. It's something I've never understood.

Daly said...

Thank you, annejelynn. I will do that.

Thank you, tombo. We don't understand either. My heart goes out to his parents and sister (his father found him).

johnny said...

I feel as terrible as you do honey. I wish there was something we could do unfortunately, things like this are out of our control now.

Godspeed TJ.