Saturday, October 18, 2008

Winemaker's Grape Cake

I did something I had so long feared to do...I decided to bake a cake. A Winemaker's Grape Cake. I have never baked such a thing from scratch, especially since my disastrous experience as a young adult trying to bake simple muffins (long story short, the batter bubbled over the pan like ʻaʻā overflowing from a volcano), so this was a big (voluntary) undertaking on my part and a lot of pressure to make dessert for tonight's dinner.

No worries, I was more than happy to go out on a limb and make something special for our foreign guest, our great Uncle who is visiting from England. Though my cake was not as beautiful as pictured in the original recipe posted on Desert Candy, it still tasted quite delicious! My very first cake in the making...

The batter in the pan. I used Moscato wine (Italian for Muscat?) and drank a little bit as well. You know how it goes when you're for the recipe, two for me as Maggie had said. Maybe I took her advice too literal and had a wee bit more wine than I should. I think I lost count of the 1/3 portion of wine I was suppose to pour in at a time into the batter. It looked kind of runny and so I was worried it might bubble over like the nightmare muffins!

I tried not to sweat and moved forward with baking the cake, watching it carefully through the oven window as if I could will it to rise. Finally I brought the cake out, golden in its glory. I couldn't find a 9 in. pan so I used an 8 3/4 in pan instead...perhaps that explains the mushroom look?

But my cake didn't have the sunken grapes on the surface so I turned it over. Aahh...there were the red grapes! Except I don't think this is how the cake should really look; it should be right side up. It was so hard not to take a little bite from it before it would be served for dessert after dinner tonight.

Not as pretty as the photos posted on Desert Candy's blog but still delicious--especially for my very first cake (and I have a burn on my arm to prove it)!

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