Sunday, October 26, 2008

West End Girl

On our one and only day together, John enjoyed a long ride with his cycling team. They met at a central location and rode to the Nevada/California state line. I slept in and when I woke up, drank my coffee and attempted to catch up on my blog posts.

When he returned from his ride, we drove to a sports shop to pick up a pair of cycling shoes for me. Having a pair is becoming necessary because I ride the stationary bike at the gym almost every day. The toe cages installed are usually missing straps to secure the feet to the pedals, which are important for the full range use of the leg muscles when pushing down and pulling up on the pedals (they also keep my feet from flying off when I'm spinning like a mad woman to Sandstorm).

My husband is fortunate enough to work and live within a few miles of each other on the East side of Las Vegas in Henderson while I drive West every work day. This part of town is where a few of my favorite places are located.

Our next destination was a place that John has never been (and I doubt very many people know about or have gone to). A Lao Market that he urged me not to visit alone. It is a great store but in a shady location near old downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street. Nevermind the fresh specialty produce and aisles of ingredients to make many of my favorite dishes--I was in salt heaven at the deli area!! We left with grocery bags full of papaya salad, sticky rice, pickled fish and all the treats I love to eat but rarely get to enjoy unless my sisters are in town (the can cook Laotian food so this is a real treat). The magic of salt can keep the food preserved while we head towards our next location.

The bigger treat for both of us was lunch and guess where? Pho Kim Long, our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Every time we are there, we think about trying other items on their menu but could never pass up on their specialty, pho!! And we are never disappointed.

After lunch we went to the rec center where I work out on the stationary bike so John could fit me on the bike with my new shoes. I was set for the week!

One last errand inside the mall led to a little shopping here and there so by the time we got home, we had a car load of groceries and shopping bags to unload. Boy, I am exhausted just writing about our day, LOL!!!


corrin said...

That food looks fantastic. We're going to have to get together for lunch the next time I'm in Vegas!

Daly said...

Sure thing, Corrin!! Anytime, just let me know. I am usually on my own for Saturdays so I'd be happy to take you and Mike to eat Pho.

johnny said...

What a fun day! Can't wait to do it again with you baby. You look great in yellow by the way.