Saturday, October 18, 2008

Visitor from England

Our great uncle is visiting from England so when the weekend came, we went to our parents' home for dinner. In the past week, Charles had been to Zion National Park, Valley of Fire and apple-picking in the same orchard we went to during our trip to Beaver Dam. They saw tons of wild turkey and deer weaving through the apple trees. He also went to the Botanical Gardens at Bellagio where my husband and I went with our friends a week ago.

When asked if Charles thought this was pretty country, he responded in his heavy English accent, "Yes, yes...very beautiful." I think he is such a sweet, kind man but I find his accent very hard to understand (or any other accent for that matter; I can barely understand English).

We sat down to dinner and once again I think the ladies outdid themselves. Apple salad with caramelized pecans. Pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables and candy squash. YUM-YUM!!

Then we each had coffee with a slice of the Winemaker's Grape Cake I had baked the same afternoon. Everyone thought it was delicious; the grapes were infused with the muscato wine. There was one slice left and John had already claimed that, LOL.

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