Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pin Kaow

Fall is not my favorite season but I can appreciate the holidays that come with it like Halloween, Thanksgiving and in our state, we celebrate Nevada Day. As the temperatures drop, so does my spirit as hard as I try to keep a positive outlook on the season. The dwindling daylight and colder weather chills my heart; it is hard for me not to get depressed. What can I say, I'm solar powered, LOL?!?!

The remedy? Shopping with my Maggie, my mom-in-law, and hot, spicy Thai food always does the trick to perk me up. I normally don't like shopping but I would do anything to spend time with her. We found me a trench coat and other things to keep warm for the season...uh, does a purse count?

And why is it that shopping always makes me feel famished? Well, as Maggie said, she was born hungry so we drove to Pin Kaow Thai Restaurant (Pin Kaow means the headdress that the royalties wear according to the waitress).

The interior of the restaurant was gorgeous. Wood everywhere and the ornate carvings of eves like those found on Thai temples projected from the wooden walls. At the entrance, there's a bench with silk pillows in the waiting area and as we walked under the archway past the host's lectern, I felt like we had entered Thailand (or at least how I imagined it would be like, LOL).

We were seated at a booth where we ordered Chang beer (for me) and a merlot (for Maggie). Lunch was Chili Mint Noodles (stir fried flat rice noodles with chicken, onion, chili peppers, jalapeño, basil leaves and eggs) and chicken with mixed vegetables ordered at the spiciness range of 7 or 8?!?! It was hot and certainly warmed my tummy. I couldn't ask for anything more than an afternoon of shopping and food with Maggie.

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